Steps in the Writing Process

Posted by Lisa (Elisabeth) H. Braley on 1/13/2011

The Writing Process

1.  The Task, Topic or Theme (An Assignment or choosing a topic)
The Writing Prompt = The writing assignment or topic that describes the finished assignment
  • Genres of [Patterns of] Exposition:  Identify the best pattern that suits the assignment.
    • Examples: Narration, Persuasion, Comparing & Contrasting, Describing, Defining
2. Strategies for Prewriting & Brainstorming (Inventing & Gathering Ideas)
Five Senses, Listing, Brainstorming, Clustering, Dialoging, Journalist's Questions, Interviewing, Idea Mapping, Freewriting, Outlining, Graphic Organizers, Collaboration
3.Outlining (Preparing a Road Map)
4. Organizing (Planning)
  • Principles of Organization: Make sure the information in the writing is organized logically for the reader to follow
    • Examples:  most/least important to least/most important, most/least interesting to least/most interesting, past to present or present to past, general/specific-to-scpecific/general, most/least-familiar-to-most/least-familiar, simplest-to-most-complex, order of frequency, order of familiarity, topical order, climactic order, psychological order, chronological order, time order, spatial order

5. Writing/Adding Words (Developing)
Patterns of Development (showing what you mean)
    • Examples: expressive details, specific examples
6. Proofreading (Editing, Changing, and Organizing)
8. Peer or Friend Review (More Proofreading, Editing)
9. Final Revision (More Proofreading, Editing)
Make sure you did not copy from another source (No plagiarizing)
Did you make all your handwritten edits?
Did you make all the edits recommended by a peer or a teacher?
Double check by reading outloud (aloud) and checking carefully that each correction or question was addressed or changed.
Read the draft aloud to someone else.
10. Formatting and Publishing the final product! Turn it in.
The minimum formatting:
  • 8-1/2 by 11 paper (No ripped edges)
  • your name, date, your teacher's name, the assignment name
  • title
  • double or single space lines
  • 1 inch margins
  • indented paragraphs

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