Using OERs with Adult ESL Learners

Posted by Sharon Ram on 8/30/2015

Discussion Thread

OER and Adult English Language Learners

Through project work sponsored by OCTAE, the American Institutes for Research (AIR) has worked with four teacher User Groups to find, use, and evaluate OER appropriate for adult teaching and learning.  The LINCS ESL Professional project worked with two of the User Groups to create a collection of OER appropriate for use with Adult language learners.  The User Groups have ended, and this conversation is a way to share some resources used by the participants, keep the OER conversation going, and find out the community’s thoughts, concerns, and questions about OER.  The OER STEM project produced a video to help disseminate the work done with OER.  Please take some time to watch the video (approximately 7 min) and hear from adult educators and adult learners talk about the value of OER.  Then post your initial reactions, comments, and questions to begin our discussion – what value do you see as a language teacher in using OER?  Where do you see OER supporting teaching and learning in an English language learning environment?