New Models for Distance Classes in Adult Education

Posted by Sharon Ram on 8/5/2015

A Professional Development Resource for Adult Educators
New Models for Distance Classes in Adult Education
Jerome Johnston, Sheryl Hart, Destiny Long, Jenifer Vanek
April, 2015

Project IDEAL is a consortium of states working together to develop effective
distance education programs for adult learners. The Project IDEAL Support Center
at the University of Michigan provides technical support in the areas of teacher
training, research design, data collection, data analysis and reporting. The Center
also produces working papers on topics of importance to distance education.
Through collaborative research and practice, the consortium is working to provide
quality distance education for adult learners across the country.


The report consists of a collection of short vignettes describing the "classes" of a number of these teachers.

Vocational Education in an ESL Class
Content Area Mixed Skills – Vocational ESL (V-ESL)
Level Multilevel
Class Format Hybrid
Teacher Sharon, Freemont, CA [012]
Instructor Goals Develop technical proficiency to support online English language learning, organizational skills required for independent projectbased learning and job search