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    Roxsan Agront
    Transition Specialist
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    FACE room 16A

    Transition Specialist
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    Roxsan Agront is the FACE Transition Specialist. A transition specialist serves as a conduit in connecting students with the right agencies and resources to achieve their educational and occupational goals.  College and career goals are usually closely related, so it is helpful to have someone like Roxsan who has contacts with numerous college and career oriented organizations. Roxsan is patient and will  help you with all of your transitional needs, from goal-setting to organizing and planning.

    The Mission of the Transition Specialist.
    The main service that a transition specialist provides is to connect you with the right contacts, organizations and services so your college and career transitions are smooth and effective.


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    Transition Specialist Roxsan offers the following support
    Career and College Transition Planning 
    Career Planning/Goal Setting:
    Roxsan helps teachers and students in setting goals to determine students’ future plans: career, college, etc.  She works on grouping students to assist them in creating plans for college and career transitions.  This service is primarily for ESL Intermediate High to Advanced students and above.

    College Transitioning:
    Roxsan also works in conjunction with Ohlone for college referrals.  Ohlone College works with our students who are interested in transitioning to college.

    Roxsan's service is mainly focused on College/career training, goal-setting and planning, not on individual meetings with students for outside social-emotional or other basic needs.  For those needs Roxsan will connect you with the right agencies for the best possible social-emotional support..

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      Career Search Support   College Entrance Guidance  


    Other Transition Support Services 

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