Connecting students and staff with providers that treat mental health & substance use disorders.


    Get Help With:

    • Therapy
    • Online therapy
    • Hospitalization
    • Residential inpatient treatment
    • Outpatient treatment
    • Detox centers
    • Family Counseling

    Care Concierge:

    The Care Concierge is a 24x7 service for students and staff. They are experts at hand-holding clients through the mental health care process. They navigate insurance, look at availability and wait time of resources, and help clients schedule appointments with local and trusted mental health resources.

    If you would like for one of their team members to assist you, you can call them anytime at 888-515-0595 or email them at weserve@caresolace.org with the following information:

    1. Your name and contact information

    2. Your preferred language

    3. A good time for our team member to contact you

    Care Concierge Follow Through:

    Average response time to emails is 15 minutes. If they cannot reach you, they will continue to attempt contact for 14 days. This means they will try whatever pathways of contact are available and appropriate, e.g. text, email, and phone. After a confirmed appointment, they follow up two weeks into care to hear your experience and check with you if additional services are required.


    Here is a PDF with visual directions: Care Solace Step by Step