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    BankWork$ Graduation Ceremony - May 4, 2022

    Congratulations to our Spring 2022 BankWork$ graduates from Fremont and Oakland! Our 16 graduates began the program in early March and worked hard over the course of 8 weeks to learn the fundamentals of banking and professionalism. They are now ready to go out there and get a lasting, successful career in the financial services industry. We just held a celebration for them on May 10th, and our bank partners joined us afterwards for a hiring event. 

    Bankwork$ on Stage
    They have proven themselves to be dedicated, driven, and exceptionally talented, and we look forward to seeing all that they accomplish. Look forward to seeing them at your local bank and credit union branches!
    The Students Were Enthusiastic!

    Student Graduate


    Special thanks to our bank partners:

    Bank of the West


    Fremont Bank



    Provident Credit Union

    State Bank of India

    Umpqua Bank





    BankWork$ Grads Ready for Business
    Bankworks Grad 1 Bankworks Grad 2 Bankworks Grad 3
    Student with Teacher Savita   Student with Certificate
    Grad Studnet of Bankworks Proud Grad
    Student dances to Graduation   Student with Certificate
    Grad Student With Certificate Proud Bankwork$ Graduate Proud Grad with Certificate
    BankWork$ full Class