I enjoy meeting people making the sacrifice to improve their personal situations by attending school. You are welcome to visit my class to view the techniques used in my presentation. You are encouraged to enroll at least one week prior to reserve your seat, establish an adequate student enrollment,learn of availability and determine prerequisites.




    Email Address: nchampion@fremont.k12.ca.us
    Phone number: 510.793.6465 X 29009 
    Twitter: @nchampion1 
    Teaching Schedule: See below


    Increase your value by gaining basic core computer skills.  Continue with software knowledge necessary to advance. Gain the skills to communicate in this highly technical workplace.

    • Start with core computer skills
    • Add Word Processing and Excel
    • Explore and advance with Internet/Email
    • See new Smartphone class for Androids and iPhones!
    • Have a digital camera?  We have a class,  learn to operate it!  All digital cameras.
    • Photoshop  to process your pics!

    Call Fremont Adult School at 510-793-6465 to begin instruction.   This instructor will supply students with written lessons from each meeting for review. See the current schedule below and call to verify times, availability and any prerequisites.  



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    Course Schedule

     Course Title Date   Days  Start  End  Location
      Smart Phones 5/27 to 6/10  M/W  10:00am  12:00pm  Rm 9
      Digital Camera 2 5/27 to 6/10
     12:00am  2:00pm   Rm 9
      Internet Email    5/26 to 6/11 T-Th  6:00pm 8:00pm  Rm 9
     Word Processing 2     5/26 to 6/11  T/Th  10:00am 12:00pm   Rm 9