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     Welcome, everyone!

    I have been teaching ESL classes at Adult schools for many years. I have also taught ESL classes to the custodians at Facebook, Google, Oracle, and Tesla.

    You will learn many new vocabulary words in my Literacy/Beginning Low class. That deals with English Survival Skills. You will learn how to write simple sentences using the present tense of the verbs, the past tense of verbs, and the present continuous tense. The verbs are: To Be, To Do, and To Have.

     Other topics are personal information, nutrition, how to count money and compare prices at the supermarket.. You will also learn how to read stories, and improve pronunciation skills in class.

    There will be a targeted emphasis on EL Civics dealing with nutrition.You will learn how to compare prices at different supermarkets. You will be able to write sentences dealing with your opinion on what healthy foods are to eat versus eating unhealthy foods at meal times.If you have any questions, please email me.


    My email address is

    See you Online!
      by Phil Roache

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    FACE ESL Summer Program Dates:
    July 6 to August 11, 2022

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    ESL Literacy/
    Beginning Low

    Monday & Wednesday

    7:00 pm

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