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    I have been teaching ESL classes at Adult schools for many years. I have also taught ESL classes to the custodians at Facebook, Google, Oracle, and Tesla.

    In My Literacy/Beginning Low classes and Communications class, you will learn many new words that deal with English survival skills, along with rich academic vocabulary that will help you to further your education. You will learn how to write simple sentences using the present tense of the verbs, the past tense of verbs, and the present continuous tense. The verbs are: To Be, To Do, and To Have.

    Personal information, education, jobs, and internet security are other topics. You will also learn to read stories, take dictation, and improve your pronunciation skills in class. You will study and learn about the internet and how to use it safely for you and your family.

    In the communications class, there will be a targeted emphasis on EL Civics dealing 

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    Phil Roache

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    with medicine and reading labels on medicine bottles.  You will learn to ask questions to a pharmacist
    on how to take certain medications with the proper dosage.

    In the Saturday class, you will practice speaking and listening skills for everyday conversations.   You
    will also learn about jobs and education. You will read stories with rich academic vocabulary that will help you continue to higher levels of learning English.  


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    FACE ESL SUMMER Program Dates:
    July 5 to August 10, 2023

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    ESL Literacy/
    Beginning Low

    Monday & Wednesday

    7:00 pm  

    9:00 pm  


    ESL Literacy/
    Beginning Low

    Fall Quarter

    0:00 pm

         0:00 pm


    Skills Levels 2-3
    Fall Quarter 0:00 am   0:00 am   ZOOM  


    SPRING 2023 Learning Links

     USALearns.org For Beginners