• Photo of desk space with text "DISTANCE LEARNING" superimposed over it.
    ESL Distance Learning

    Welcome to Fremont Adult School's
    ESL Distance Learning Program

    Are you too busy for a classroom learning schedule?
    Don't want to drive to campus every time you have class?
    Want to study at your own pace whenever you want?

    You may be a good fit for one of our distance learning courses!

  • What is Classroom Learning?

    • group-learning with a teacher
    • instruction led by teacher
    • set schedule:
      you must go to school or Zoom class # times per week
    • set lessons:
      all students study same thing all the time
    • teacher plans class and gives homework every week

    If you only want classroom learning, please CLICK HERE.

  • What is Distance Learning?

    • independent study by yourself
    • instruction provided by online program
    • you set your own schedule
    • see your progress and scores while you study
    • teacher available to answer questions
      (email or office hours)

    If you are interested in distance learning, KEEP READING!

  • Requirements

    You will need...

    • a phone, tablet, laptop, OR computer •
    • a microphone and access to the Internet •
    • 5 - 7 hours (or more) of study time each week •

    We have three different programs.
    CLICK HERE to read about them!