• Non-Smoking Policy

    Effective September 1, 1993, smoking and/or use of any tobacco product is prohibited within any District site during school-sponsored activities, and in vehicles owned and/or operated by the Fremont Unified School District. The non-smoking policy is applicable on grounds, and in any buildings in which services are provided by employees of the school district. (Board Policy #3515.3)

    Parking Policy

    Fremont Adult School patrons are encouraged to park in adult school parking lots. Please respect residential parking spaces on public streets adjacent to our campus. Also, we ask you to be aware of the legal guidelines regarding on-street drop-off and pick-up, i.e. no stopping at any time on the roads in front of campus.

    Uniform Complaint Procedures

    The District recognizes its responsibility to insure compliance with state and federal laws and regulations governing education programs and activities. Therefore, in accordance with state guidelines, the District has adopted Uniform Complaint Procedures which shall be followed when addressing complaints alleging unlawful discrimination, harassment, or intimidation, or failure to comply with state or federal law related to: Adult Basic Education Programs, Consolidated Categorical Programs, Vocational Programs, Child Care and Developmental Programs, Child Nutrition Programs, and Special Education Programs.

Last Modified on May 29, 2008