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    Career Technical Community Education English as a Second Language
    Citizenship High School ABE GED Mommy Daddy & ME
    ESL Distance Learning FACE Certified Typing Test Career College Transition Specialist
    Academic classes at Fremont Adult School are FREE!

    All academic classes are FREE at Fremont Adult School.  These classes include
    English as a Second Language (ESL),  Citizenship, High School Diploma,
    Basic Education (ABE), and Adults with Disabilities (AWD) Classes. Some
    co-sponsored courses, such as with Ohlone college, are FREE as well and
    classes will be designated as FREE.

    Community Education, Career Technical and other specialty classes require a
    fee for participation.

      FACE News And Events
    Muska Gharwal With Student Success Award

    Muska G. Earns OTAN Student Success Award 

    Muska G. is the proud recipient of the OTAN, State of California 
    Department of Education, Successful Student Award in May of 2023.
    Muska's story is one of great hardship, danger and perseverence. She
    and her family overcame great obstacles to escape danger in Afghanistan, come to America, learn English and eventually earn Citizenship status.

    For her complete story click the link below!

    Muska G - From Afghanistan to FACE


    Google Workspace Class

    Google Workspace Collaboration W/ Drive & Apps
    April 25 to June 6, 2023   Tuesdays   12:00 pm to 3:00 pm

    Want to learn Google Drive? This course introduces the Google Drive,
    with all of its forms, applications and worksheets.  Learn how to use
    Google Drive to store & share files, and commonly used features!

    On FACE Campus
    See Flyer for More Information

    Paraprofessional Preparation Course

    FACE Paraprofessional Preparation Course
    April 24 to June 7, 2023   M/W   9:00 am to 12:00 Noon

    Paraprofessionals work in preschools, elementary schools or secondary 
    schools under the direction of a certificated teacher.  Paraprofessionals 
    provide essential classroom support. Want to make a difference? In this 
    course we will prepare you to pass the "Para proficiency test"!

    At FACE, Room 14

    See Flyer for More Information

    FACE Welding Class

    Beginning And Advanced Welding
    March 1 to May 31, 2023    5:00 pm to 8:00 pm

    In partnership with MVROP, Fremont Adult and Continuing Education is offering evening, Beginning and Advanced Welding Courses. If you ever wanted to learn how to weld now is the time to do so. All students must have appropriate welding helmet, gloves, jacket and boots.

    At MVROP, Room k1

    See Flyer for More Information

    Introduction to Medical Termoinology & Pharmacy Technology

    Intro to Medical Terminology & Pharmacy Technology
                           March 6 to June 7, 2023
    This Non-Credit class will prepare you for the Mission Valley ROP Pharmacy Technology Course starting August 0f 2023.  Students interested in related medical careers will benefit from this introduction to medical terminology, including anatomical structures, conditions, and medications.

    For Advanced Level ESL Students, ABE or ASE

    See Flyer for More Information

    Jessica Ramirez-Jefferson Jessica Ramirez-Jefferson:  Bankworks Graduate
    Congratulations to our recent BankWork$ graduate Jessica. Jessica Ramirez-Jefferson never saw herself having the right experience to work in a bank. After many years in the restaurant industry, she thought a banking career was out of reach, even as she wanted the stability that a career in financial services would offer. In October 2021, while researching courses to enhance her workforce skills, she found the BankWork$ career-readiness program with our partners in the Bay Area, Fremont Adult School...

    Jessica's Story continues...
    Lizzette FACE Graduate Congratulations to High School Grad Lizzette
    Congratulations to our recent graduate Lizzette Guzman!!! Lizzette put in long hours each week to complete her classes to graduate with her high school diploma! She now looks forward to enrolling in college to study Child Development AND Meterology/Astronomy! We are so proud of her! To enroll in our diploma program please visit our website www.face.edu

    See All Student Profiles
    Graduate Clinton Oates Congratulations to High School Grad Clinton Oates
    Congratulations to current High School Graduate Clinton Oates. Clinton first began his quest to get his High School Diploma in the Fall of 2014 in the High School Learning Center.  The birth of his second child put that plan on hold for a while.  Clinton returned during the pandemic to work online with Fremont Adult’s Apex program and recently earned his diploma.  We are so proud of Clinton. His persistence paid off!  Clinton is, as he puts it, the “Shop Steward” (meaning the boss!), of Oates Roofing Company, arguably the best roofing company in the Bay Area.  Their goal is to do the job right.  Check it out online or call (510) 750-5644. They are highly recommended!  
    See the Student of the Month Profile
    Bankworks Graduation Day

    FACE BankWork$ Holds Graduation Event 
    FACE BankWork$ held its end of the Spring Session Graduation and hiring event on May 4th. The graduates celebrated 8 weeks of extensive training in the various operational fundamentals of branch banking.  A hiring event followed the ceremony that was attended by hiring representatives from major banks in the area.  Graduates look forward to job placements and continued coaching and support.  The next BankWork$ session begins May 31st with half of the classes held at Laney college and half held online. For more information or to sign up for the next BanksWorks  Click Here.  BankWork$ Graduation PhotoShow

    Miss Bunny Miss Bunny, FACE Volunteer Mascot: RIP
    It was the spring of 2016 when Miss Bunny first appeared at Fremont Adult School.  She volunteered to be FACE's mascot and quickly became a favorite of staff and students.  She flourished amongst FACE's lush vegetation, large grassy field and the many generous handouts from FACE staff members. Sadly, Miss Bunny passed away earlier this year.  She is greatly missed!  May she rest in peace! 





    Sharon morgan Sharon Morgan Nominated for FUSD
    Teacher of the Year

    Sharon Morgan, instructor in FACE's Mommy, Daddy, and Me program, has been nominated for FUSD Teacher of the Year!   Sharon has a knack for connecting with both parents and the children, giving the children a strong foundation to springboard into their K12 school years!  Like all of the Mommy, Daddy & Me teachers, Sharon puts in a very big effort and the results show! 

    Full Story

    Annie FACE Graduate Congratulations to March 2022 Graduate Annie:
    Congratulations to our recent graduate Annie! She worked very hard to complete all of her classes on top of her full time job and family responsibilities! She just got a promotion at her job and is exploring her options for her future goals! We are so proud of her! To see more student profiles visit our student profile page.

    Student Profile Page.


    Adrianna FACE High School Graduate Congratulations to Spring 2022 Graduate Adrianna:
    Congratulations to our recent graduate Adrianna! Adrianna completed the Herculean task of completing 3 High School classes within a 3 week span. Working in her spare time using FACE's online APEX program Adrianna was able to complete these courses and receive her High School Diploma. To se the rest of Adrianna's story and to see more student profiles visit our student profile page.

    Student Profile Page.



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