• Registration for New/Next Quarter Classes

    This is for ALL classes, including BE, Azar and Project Success

    By Week 6 or week 7 of each quarter, using a class list (with student ID#s) all teachers should note  ....  

    • Drop students who aren't attending/have poor attendance
    • Confirm roll over students:  Students who want to stay in the same class and who are going to be rolled over to spring quarter
    • Make a list of students (currently attending)
      • Who will stop or change in the new quarter
      • Who are moving classes (advancing)
      • Who want to add another class
      • Who want to change their time/change to Zoom/change to in-person

    Students/Teachers should include the course # and the desired class name on the list.

    Students can also make changes directly with the ESL or Front office.  

    Students should not wait until the last minute because students will not get the classes that want.  Please communicate with your teacher.

    The school needs this information by _______ deadline.