• EL Civics Unit 466 C - Nutrition

    EL Civics Information: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1M7Fq-SFC-GPlONvrtG3pnjb0EZ9ZpFOX8mcsS-QIO9Y/edit?usp=sharing

    Nutrition Unit Information: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1DNgj2e59Laea9DP1NGolpm0QuMwPjZ0GatAC-oFflv0/edit?usp=sharing

    Civics Objective: Access resources for nutrition education and information related to the purchase and preparation of healthy foods.

    • 1*Identify a healthy diet as recommended by USDA (e.g. myplate.gov).
    • 2*Identify the relationship between nutrition and good health.
    • 3*Identify and locate sources of low-cost healthy food in the community such as (e.g. discount markets, local food banks, etc.).
    • 9 Contact a local agency (e.g. school, market, restaurant, etc.) to make a suggestion, request or complaint regarding a nutrition-related issue.

    Tasks: All tasks are written

    • Task 1 Compare Food Prices. Total Points = 6 BL/BH only.  
    • Task 2 Analyze Eating Habits BL/ADV. Total Points = 12
      • Given the USDA recommendations for a healthy diet and a short level-appropriate case study or picture prompt, student will list 6 unhealthy eating habits/food choices (BL=3, BH=4, IL=5, IH-A=6) of the family in the case study and make recommendations for changes the family can make.
    • Task 3 Write a Letter to a Local Agency IL/ADV. Done by email. Total Points = 20
      • Students will complete an authentic writing task such as student will write an email or a letter to a local agency (e.g., school, market, restaurant, etc.) delineating student’s suggestions, requests or complaints about a nutrition related issue. The student will communicate 5 pieces of information such as:
        1. Praise or complain about one aspect of a current program at an agency.
        2. Offer a positive change to be made.
        3. State why this change is important.
        4. Give at least two supporting details for suggested change.
        5. Conclude with a persuasive statement.

    Passing Points 

    • Advanced: 28
    • Intermediate High: 24
    • Intermediate Low: 20

    School Nutrition Page https://www.face.edu/Page/12665

    School EL Civics Page https://www.face.edu/domain/189