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    • Mental Health services for all ages

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    • Benefit assistance and family services coordination

    • Specialized disability services

    • Housing assistance and support for the homeless

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    Contact the Fremont Family Resource Center  
    39155 Liberty St., Suite A110   View Map 
    Ph: 510-574-2000   Monday-Friday 8am-5pm

    Do you need a translator?

    Call their Welcome Center at 510-574-2141.

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    Frequently Asked Questions
    • Can I qualify for food stamps (now called CalFresh) even if I don't qualify for welfare?
      Yes, it's possible. CalFresh (formerly Food Stamps) is a Federal nutrition program and not a welfare program. Whether you're working or not, if your income is currently very low, you might qualify forCalFresh.
      To apply online, visit the CalFresh website. It only takes 10 minutes.  If you need help with the online application, visit or call the FRC Welcome Center at 510-574-2141.

    • Where can I find affordable housing in Fremont?
      Visit the City of Fremont's Housing Division webpage and sign up for the affordable housing interest lists on that page. For those with disabilities, contact Community Resources for Independent Living (CRIL) at the FRC and ask about their next Finding Affordable Housing class at 510-794-5735 or visit them in FRC Suite A100.

    • Where do I apply for Medi-Cal, food stamps, or cash aid?
      Start by applying to the CalFresh (food) program by visiting the CalFresh website. This website will assess you for other benefit programs at the same time. If you would like help in applying to these programs, visit or call the FRC Welcome Center at 510-574-2141.  Or visit them Monday-Friday from 8:30-5:00 at the FRC, 39155 Liberty St in the middle of Bldg ABCD.

    • Where can I go for immigration legal services? Visit the Immigration Institute of the Bay Area website The IIBA provides affordable, high-quality immigration legal services throughout the Bay Area, with offices in six counties: Fremont, San Francisco, Oakland, Redwood City, Brentwood, Napa, Petaluma

    • Where do I go for free financial counseling, credit repair, financial classes, tax services, and benefit enrollment assistance?
      The FRC's SparkPoint program offers these financial services and more for free. For details, visit the SparkPoint website.  

    • Where do I go if I'm facing a stressful or challenging life situation or in need of talking about current problems & finding a solution?
      To receive a free assessment, community services information and referrals, advocacy and ongoing support, call the FRC Family Support Services at 510-574-2021.  For more information, visit the Family Support Services website.

    • What are some preschool programs I can look into? Some income eligible families can qualify for free preschool for children 3-5 years old (completely toilet trained). Please visit Fremont Unified School District State Preschool Program or Head Start for more information.