• WELCOME TO OUR CLASS: FRI Int. High/Advanced ESL Communication # 037512

    [Winter Quarter 2 begins 02/03/23 and ends 03/31/2023.]

    Welcome. Welcome. Welcome. Here we go again. Back to School.

    Friday Advanced (Int High to Advanced) Communication Skills Students. # 037512

    Hello Dear Students:

    I'm Lisa. My name is Lisa Braley.  Teacher Lisa Braley. Teacher Lisa.  Lisa B. Lisa.

    I am teaching the Friday Advanced Communication class. 

    Class meets in Room 3.  (NOT Room 18) 


    Week 1 Class begins Friday 02/03/2023 from 9am until 11:30 in Room 3.  

    Sometimes the class does not end exactly at 11:30.  We may stay after for a few minutes but we understand if you cannot stay.

    We will be studying Employment - Employment EL Civics Unit


    Please attend the first day - or communicate - reply to this email. All students receiving this email are registered in the class.

    If you are registered and DO NOT ATTEND the first day of class, you may be DROPPED to make room for waitlist students. Be prepared for a big class, at least in the beginning. The maximum number of enrolled students for each class was increased to 40 in an effort to reduce waiting lists.  

    Wait Lists: Is someone you know on a waitlist for this or another class? Thank you for your patience.

    Please STAY HOME and DO NOT GO to any class until you are contacted by the teacher or the school. Check your email and voice messages. Call, or email if you are not sure. We are not allowed to have students in our classrooms that are not registered.  Waitlist means you are not registered yet. Students who are NOT on our class list will be sent to the office or back home to WAIT for space to open in the class. 


    Attendance. Why come to class? There are many reasons you may have signed up for this class. Maybe to learn with a teacher, improve your English fluency, increase speaking opportunities, make new friends, or something different, something more important? Like future work or education plans? Please attend all classes and do the homework in order to complete the tasks that will improve your skills.  If you miss two classes and do not communicate with me, you may be dropped.

    EL Civics. What topics will we discuss? For the next nine weeks, the Employment EL Civics Unit will be our main focus. There are 9 classes and the topic and tasks/tests will be focused on Employment.  We will discuss, share and write about our own experiences and skills in order to successfully prepare for a job interview. It’s a very useful topic.

    Completing tasks and EL Civics testing.  Why do I need to test? This is your responsibility to the school. The way that you pay the school is to take the tests and complete the EL Civics units. We don't ask for too much. We ask you to take learning seriously, be responsible and do your best to complete the requirements of each unit. To be successful in our program, in your learning, and your life, it's important to complete what you started.

    Technology. Why do we need to use computers for some tasks? The class does have computers. We will use this technology to complete some activities in our units. Some units require everyone to gain or use technology skills.  Please have an email - a gmail account - which will be helpful for the class and when we work with Google tools. 


    Are there other requirements?  Testing and Homework

    Testing - CASAS/EL Civics. Tests are required. Your hard work supports keeping the school FREE - no cost to you. Our school funding $$$ dollars come through your EL Civics and CASAS test achievements, AND your class homework hours. We ask you to arrange and complete ALL make up tests if you are absent or miss something.  Please respond to our messages and requests about testing. Please try to attend or arrange a testing session as soon as possible if you are new, or tested before summer school.    


    Homework. Is there homework? Since our class is only one day a week, and 2.5 hours long, the school ALSO requires students to do homework of about 2.5 hours a week to support learning. (That’s only about 20 minutes a day!)  

    Important: February 10th (our first day of class)  there will be a group 985L listening test directly after class.  Please plan to stay after class for one hour (11:45-12:45) or make arrangements to take the test on or before 2/17.

    Teacher Office Hours:  When there is no testing, I will have office hours directly after class from 11:30 to 12, where I am available for your further questions or any help you need.  This is also the time when I will CASAS test groups of students in our room.   

    Emails/Communication:  Please respond to this email and introduce yourself. Respond to at least one email so that my communications with you are not marked as trash or spam. AND please respond or communicate with me about your attendance. Please DO NOT 'ghost' or disappear from ANY class without communicating with the teacher.

    Thank you. See you soon. I can’t wait to meet you all!

    Your teacher, Lisa


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