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    •  ​NEW Classes. Three new courses next quarter​.​ ​F​lyers​ available in the Offices.​
      1. ​Education ​Paraprofessional Preparation Course ​- ​ free and open to ESL and Community Education. ​
      2. Google Workspace​ - ​ free and open to ESL and Community Education. ​​​
      3. Beg​​inning/Advanced Welding​ - ​ a CTE (Career Technical Education) course that is $ fee-based through the Regional Occupational Center (ROC)​
    • CASAS Testing. FOR THIS CLASS - You need at least two listening tests to provide enough information about your current listening skill level. This information helps the teacher and student decide which class level is best. And these tests pay for your classes!
      • PRE Test - All students should have one listening test within the first week of the quarter - by the second class. Class 2 : 02 10 2023
      • POST Test - At the end of the quarter 3/24 - 3/31, after class (11:45) many students will take 986L. This will be the post-test.
        • 03 24 2023 Class 8 [Ramadan begins this week, Now Ruz]
        • 03 31 2023 Class 9 Last Class
      • If any of these dates and times are not appropriate, you will need to arrange to take a PRE and or POST test in the testing room. Please see our class assistant Sandi at the beginning of class or before 11 am to arrange a time.
      • If test scores are available, please see our class assistant Sandi at the beginning of class or before 11 am. Bring your CASAS Tracking form for her to write the score.
    • Room 9 Testing Center/Lab. Room 9 Testing Center times changed at the beginning of the fall quarter. The Testing Center doesn't open until 11:45 am. And students are arriving too late to finish on time and the para ends up working past the end of the shift or missing their break before their next class starts. 
      • You MUST have an appointment. Make an appointment with: your teacher, a class assistant, the ESL office before coming to the center. Here are the days and hours:   
        • Monday - Thursday 11:45 am - 2:00 pm (Must arrive no later than 12:45 pm) 
        • Friday 11:30 am - 2:00 pm (Must arrive no later than 12:45 pm)
        • Monday - Thursday 4:30 - 6:45 pm (Must arrive no later than 5:30 pm)
        • Please always communicate with the test center ASAP to notify of a problem and reschedule your appointment. With so many students, our time and resources are very precious. It is considerate to let them know ASAP when or if you cannot attend an appointment.
        • If you have taken pre and post reading tests in other classes recently, you MAY NOT NEED a listening test. However, if YOU want to improve your listening/communication skills, having a POST listening test score is information for you to evaluate your own skills and progress. If you have BOTH listening and reading scores, this is the best to understand yourself and better direct your own learning needs.
    • Class Communication Requirements: Absence, Dropping, Leaving https://www.face.edu/Page/36957
      • Email your teachers if you leave a class. PLEASE don't just disappear or ghost your teachers. Communicate.

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