• Idioms

    Idioms are fun, funny and challenging. Each week in the idioms unit you could...

    • Read and listen to a dialog
    • Record yourself with a dialog or exercise
    • Learn pronunciation and intonation patterns of idioms 
    • Understand and use expressiveness to help feel and remember the idioms  
    • Make and discuss conversation questions using the idioms 
    • Do exercises in groups
    • Review idioms and exercises for homework
    • Check your homework with a classmate or in groups 
    • Plan to use one or two idioms in your life

    Common and Uncommon Use Conversation Questions

    After reading through the idioms, discuss the common usage of some of the idioms.

    • Have you used any of these idioms before? When?
    • Have you read or heard someone else use any of these idioms before?  
      • When? In what context?
    • Do you have something similar in your language?  
      • Why or why not? Is there a cultural reason?  Can you explain the reason?
    • Is there a new idiom you like? Or find useful?
      • Give a personal experience or context example of when you might use an idiom.
    • Is there an idiom you are still not sure you understand? 
      • Do you like the idiom or not?
      • Is the idiom still difficult to understand? Or is there another reason?
      • Would you ever use the idiom? Why or why not?

    A few Idiom Resources: