• Communication Requirements : Absence, Dropping, Leaving

    Regular attendance is very important for your learning.  Please don’t miss more than one or two classes without communication.  Don’t just disappear.

    COMMUNICATE with the teacher or school. If there is any difficulty, email me, please let me know - communicate! lbraley@fremont.k12.ca.us

    There are often people on a waitlist for each class.

    • If you do not attend the first class of a quarter, you could be dropped.
    • If you do not attend two or more classes, you will be dropped.

    Quick, click, easy ways to communicate with me about life-family-work schedule changes:

    If you are or will be absent the first day of class but plan to return to school, please email me or complete the form.

    If you want to communicate more about the absence, please email me or complete the form.

    If your situation has changed, and you can NOT attend the class, please email me or fill out this form:

    We will also ask WHY-WHAT is the reason for leaving or the absence. For example:

    • (CH) Childcare not available
    • (ED) Education (changed to different school or program)
    • (FI) Financial
    • (FP) Family Needs: Family Health/Problems/Emergency/Bereavement (Death in the Family)
    • (HM) Health/Medical Personal Needs (due to appointment, Illness, Injury, pregnancy)
    • (MG) Met goal in this class or program
    • (MO) Moved (to a different city, county, state or country)
    • (SAF) Safety issues at or near school
    • (SCH) Scheduling or other appointment conflict (Self, Family)
    • (TR)Transportation not available
    • (W) Work Schedule Conflict: Got a job, got a better job, work hours changed
    • (VA) Vacation-Time off

    And about Testing Status: Example

    • I have taken all the required tests.  [A pre and post CASAS Reading and or Listening Test.]
    • I need to take a CASAS Reading and or Listening post test. I promise to take this test.
    • I need to complete one or more EL Civics Unit Task Tests. I promise to take this test.
    • I am aware that I will need to arrange a time to come and take the tests.



    Your Goals - we may ask you questions about your goals, especially related to employment.

    • At the beginning and end of each quarter 
    • OR before you leave the class
    • OR if your status changes

    Be prepared to let me know or answer these questions:

    1. Are you working? Yes No
    2. What is your Labor Force Status? Employed, Unemployed, or NILF
    3. Unemployed - Are you looking for work?  Are you looking every day? Yes No

    At the end of the quarter I will also want to know:

    1. Did you find a job? Yes No
    2. Did you keep your job? 
    3. Did you get a raise or promotion?

    Work (Labor Force) Status:
    means you are able to work. You are actively looking for work and may benefit frp, supportive employment resources like career counseling or training.
    Not working means you are
    not looking for work and not active in the labor force (Not In Labor Force - NILF).