•  AWD Sees Candies fundraiser

    Please help us reach our goal of raising funds for ipads, a projector, and other items that will help ALL students on our campus!

    You can help our program by going to the "AWD Program Noll Center SEE'S CANDIES Storefront and getting gifts for the holidays. See's Candies make excellent gifts as they are famous for their American-made deliciousness with no added preservatives. 

    Everybody loves See's Candies so they are ideal gifts for the holidays.
    You can get great holiday gifts and help our program!

     You can order online at the AWD Noll Center See's Candies Storefront.

    Click Here to go to the Storefront

    All orders must be placed by December 1, 2021 and will be directly shipped to your home. Happy Holidays!

    Thank You for your Support!