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    Burlington English has many different content areas:

    • General Core English (literacy to advanced)
    • English in America (beginning to advanced)
    • Grammar (beginning to advanced)
    • Career Exploration & Soft Skills (beginning to advanced)
    • English for Specific Careers (advanced)

    Each of those sections has at least three different courses to choose from, usually more. Each course has a little bit of everything: listening, speaking, grammar, writing, and reading. Students are expected to finish one course per quarter (about 40 hours of online self-study) and will receive a certificate of completion for each one they finish. Because there are so many books, your teacher will usually recommend that you start with Burlington Core at your level, but you may choose whichever course you prefer, as long as you try to finish it before moving on to the next one.

    You will access your Burlington English account through the browser site. Because of this, please make sure you have a computer, laptop, tablet, or phone that can access the Internet before registering for Burlington English. Once you are enrolled, your teacher will give you an orientation before providing you with your account information.

    ⚠️ Burlington English does not work on the Safari web browser, so please make sure you have Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Microsoft Edge installed. If you do not have a microphone, you cannot enroll in this course. Please check out Azar Grammar, Project Success, or classroom learning instead.

    Thank you for your interest in Burlington English!
    If you have questions, please email Anny: ahuang@fusdk12.net
    If you want to register for it, CLICK HERE.