• Project Success – Pearson ELT USA

    Project Success has five books:

    • Project Success 1 (beginning-high, 10 units)
    • Project Success 2 (beginning-high to intermediate-low, 10 units)
    • Project Success 3 (intermediate-low to intermediate-high, 10 units)
    • Project Success 4 (intermediate-high, 10 units)
    • Project Success 5 (advanced, 10 units)

    Each level focuses on a different work topic such as healthcare, retail, business, etc., and teaches you the vocabulary, common conversations, pronunciation, grammar, and job skills of each through demonstration videos, practice activities, and online tests. You are expected to finish one level each quarter and will receive a certificate of completion for doing so. Based on your placement (CASAS) test, your teacher will decide which book you should start from, though you can always ask to start at a lower level if you want to get familiar with the content first.

    You will access your Project Success books through the Pearson: My English Lab website. Because of this, please make sure you have a computer, tablet, or phone that can access the Internet before registering for Project Success. Once you are enrolled, your teacher will give you an orientation before providing you with your account information.

    ⚠️ Because the first book starts at a beginning-high level, you should already know some basic English. If you are a beginning-low-level student, you cannot enroll in this course. Please check out Burlington English or classroom learning instead.

    Thank you for your interest in Project Success!
    If you have questions, please email Sherie: stillman@fusdk12.net
    If you want to register for it, CLICK HERE.