• Teacher Brenda Course Description for Online Classes

    Zoom Classes (Parent and Child)

    If your child was attending class with you in our classroom, there would be very specific procedures in place to help children understand the rules and routines of a classroom.  While we are enjoying our distance learning, it is very important to establish similar routines so that our classes can be as productive and enjoyable as possible. I believe that following these guidelines and routines will help your child transition to the classroom when we are all able to return to in-person classes.

    1. Please sign in to our ZOOM class each week with the following: CHILD’s NAME/Parent Name and Title of your relationship with your child. For example, If I was taking class with my daughter, I would sign in as: ERIN/ Brenda (Mom).  To rename yourself for our ZOOM classes, you will need to hover over the top right corner of your picture box, click the three dots and select “rename”.
    2. Please have your child dressed and ready for “school”. Encourage your child to brush his/her hair and teeth just like we would do for in-person classes.
    3. Please encourage your child to eat breakfast, lunch or snacks outside of our scheduled class times.
    4. Please log in from a place that is free from distractions (toys, TV, music etc.). Just like in our classroom, we put away toys before circle time and sit on the carpet and are all ready for circle time.
    5. Please have your materials and the circle time box/bag ready each week for class so that you and your child are ready to participate fully. It might be fun to decorate a shoebox or a bag together.
    6. Please save materials that are specific to each week’s themes until it is time to use them during our ZOOM classes.
    7. If you would like to recognize/celebrate your child’s birthday during our ZOOM class, please email me the week before your child’s birthday. If you email me before a packet pick up date, I can include a special birthday crown and sticker for the birthday child in your packet.

    Zoom Parent/Child Class Schedule (Times are approximate)

    The class schedule of the ZOOM class is subject to change as we navigate these classes together.  Some days, the children might need more time for the crafts and activities and we would begin our circle time a few minutes later.

    Morning Classes

    10:00-10:20 am

    Afternoon Classes

    1:00-1:20 pm

    Social/Emotional Learning

    Welcome/Sharing/Group Crafting/Science Experiments/Games

    10:20-10:25 am

    1:20-1:25 pm

    Clean Up and Clean Up SONG

    10:25-11:00 am

    1:25-2:00 pm

    Circle Time

    Songs/Story/Games/Goodbyes and Stickers


    Zoom Parent Seminar Class

    You will have the opportunity to attend a Parent Seminar (for parents/adults only) once a week with the teacher/time of your choice.  Teachers will cover the same topic each week so you can choose the time that is best for your schedule.  

    Teacher Brenda will have Parent Seminar Classes on Monday and Tuesday evenings from 7:00-7:30 PM,  Teacher Sharon will have a Parent Seminar Class on Wednesdays at 11:30 am. and Teacher Mariah will have a Parent Seminar Class on Thursdays at 1:00pm.  We encourage parent dialogue during our Parent Seminars and so you are invited to email us specific questions that you would like to have addressed during the seminars.

    Links to parent topics that are covered in our Zoom Parent Seminars as well as past parent articles are located: https://www.face.edu/Page/34321


    Packets and Pick-Up Dates

    We will have 3 Prepared Packets for you during this session.  You will be notified about when you can pick up the packets.  Packets will include the materials needed for 2-3 weeks of class.  We appreciate your patience as we navigate this process and have time to assemble the necessary supplies you will need to have during our Zoom Classes.  Remember to check the links for additional activities that extend the learning themes each week.  The link for Supplemental Learning is found: https://www.face.edu/Page/34826


    Materials List

    We have a prepared list of materials that you will need to have on hand to complete the items we are providing in our packets.  The materials list can be found: