• Burlington English (BE)/Distance Learning (DL) also known as study-at-home

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    About BE Career Courses: Level 1 & Level 2 (Higher Level) 

    • Level 1: The Series A Career Course for Bookkeepers covers topics such as interviewing for a job, discussing experience, educational background, qualifications, work conditions, job responsibilities, and much more.
      • The Series A Career Courses all follow the same structure and cover the same soft skills syllabus – only the career-related vocabulary changes from course to course. This means that you can teach multiple Career Courses simultaneously and help your students acquire the English that they need for their specific careers.
    • Level 2: The Series B Accounting English course covers topics such as bookkeeping, standard accounting, international accounting, financial statement generation and analysis, tax services, financial analysis and planning, corporate finance, and much more.
    • Digital Literacy
      • The Series B Career Courses offer extensive in-depth exploration of a wide range of professions to help your students gain confidence and acquire the English that they need to succeed in their chosen careers.

    Accounting English Course Modules

    • Module 1 – Introduction to Accounting
    • Module 2 – Business Entities and Principles
    • Module 3 – Financial Statements and Ratios
    • Module 4 – Tax Accounting
    • Module 5 – Managing a Business
    • Module 6 – Management Accounting
    • Module 7 – Payroll Regulations in the U.S.
    • Module 8 – Inventory Accounting
    • Module 9 – Auditors
    • Module 10 – Investments

    Recommendations for improving your speaking scores in BE

    There is also an app and speech trainer for BE.