• GED Test Preparation

    If you have less than 100 applicable high school credits and place high enough on the Reading Assessment, you will be recommended for our GED Test Preparation Class. In this program you will focus on studying to pass the GED exams in Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, and Science. You will need to complete work online regularly (at least 5 hours per week) and take follow-up assessments throughout the year in order to track the progress towards preparing to take your GED Exams. Once you are prepared for the exams, you can register to take them through GED.com.

    For more information on how to register, visit this link: Diploma/GED Test Prep/Adult Basic Education 

    For the current class schedule, visit this link: Current Schedule

  • GED Exams

    Students that want to earn their GED Credential (high school diploma equivalency) need to pass four subject exams in Mathematical Reasoning, Reasoning through Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science.

    To learn more about the GED exams or to register to take the GED Exams go to ged.com



    Fremont Adult & Continuing Education is a testing site. To take the exams at our site, you need to go to ged.com and register. When it asks for the test location, choose FREMONT ADULT SCHOOL. When you arrive to take the exams you must provide a valid government-issued picture ID. *Childcare is NOT available during the exams at this location.


    *Test Takers MUST Wear A Mask During the Exam(s)



    GED Transcripts

    As of January 2018, ALL GED Transcript Requests are processed directly through GED.com.


    GED Academy Log In Page: https://www.essentialed.com/start/face


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