Mommy or Daddy & Me

    Hyman Building
    4700 Calaveras Avenue

    Fremont, CA 94538

    Instructor: Brenda Banchieri




    Course Description(In-person Classes)

                This course is designed for parents and their children.  Each student will participate with his/her child in activities provided in a pre-school setting to learn more about his/her child’s development.  Each student will observe and explore his/her child’s social interactions, communication skills, and learn the value of play.  Students will also have the opportunity to meet the parents of other young children, examine their parenting skills, and share ideas and concerns.


    Classroom Schedules

    (times are approximate)




    Literacy/Math/Art/Sensory/Science/ Fine Motor/Free Play



    Circle Time/Story



    Snack Time

    Parent Discussion

    Outside Activities

    Activity Centers

    Free Play



    Closing Circle Time


    Art Centers:  There will be three daily art projects set up each week at the beginning of class.  The art projects will usually coincide with our classroom theme for the day.  Remember to come dressed in play clothes because some art activities might be messy.


    Free Play: During free play, please play with your child and observe his/her interactions with other children.  Posted around our classroom are information sheets explaining the types of learning that occurs during free play activities, and the types of interactions that would be most helpful for you and your child during free play.  The information sheets are labeled: Blocks, Literature Corner, Cooking with Kids, Manipulatives/Table Toys, Creative Art, Outside Play, Playdough, Dramatic Play, Sand and Water Play, and Snack Time.    Please also take this opportunity to meet and get to know the other parents in the class. 


    Clean Up: Please help with all clean-up times so that we can keep our classroom neat and clean.  Please also encourage your child to help put toys and activities back in the proper places.  Children sometimes put toys into their mouths.  Please place any toys that your child or another child had in his/her mouth in our classroom sink so that we can wash the toy.


    Circle Time: Parents and children attend circle time together.  We will enjoy songs, fingerplays, movement activities and stories.  During circle time, all children are expected to sit quietly and participate in the circle time activitiesPlease remind your child that there are no toys during circle time. This needs to be consistent for all children.  If your child is restless or disruptive during our circle time, please take him/her out into the hallway until they are ready to rejoin the circle.  Please refrain from having side conversations during this time.


    Parent Topic/Discussion:  We will have our parent discussions during snack time because this is usually the quietest time during the class.  Please refrain from having side conversations during this time.  We are preparing children to pay attention during school.  Parent discussions can continue in smaller groups as the as children play. Feel free to ask questions and share your experiences during this time.


    Outside Free Play:  Please enjoy this opportunity to explore outdoor activities with your child.  Some outdoor activities include water play, climbing, tricycle riding etc. 


    Cell Phones Usage:  Please limit the use of your cell phone to emergencies.  Spend time with your child, not on your phone.  Be fully engaged with your child and his/her learning and discovery.  Technological distractions can interfere with our children’s social development.


    Health Issues/Allergies

    1. Please report all known allergies to me as soon as possible. 
    2. Everyone in our classroom needs a clear TB test, even one-time visitors.
    3. Adults and children with signs of cold, fever, or communicable diseases cannot be admitted to class.  We appreciate your cooperation in noticing the beginnings of a cold or rash and keeping your child home to prevent exposure to others.    Remember that a yellow discharge from the nose indicates an infection.  Keep your child home for 24 hours after a fever or vomiting.  Please alert instructor to any serious or contagious health problems.  All health information is kept strictly confidential.


    Birthdays:  If your child is celebrating his/her birthday during our class time, please let me know the week before.  I will have a special crown for your child to wear during class time.  If you would like to bring a birthday treat for all members of the class, please let me know




    Conferences:  Parents may sign up for individual conference times to bring concerns or questions to be discussed with the instructor.


    Classroom Guidelines and Expectations:

    1. You are responsible for your child at all times.
    2. Children may only eat at the tables during snack time or out in the yard. NO FOOD or DRINKS are allowed on the rugs (this includes sippy cups and bottles).
    3. Our classroom is Nut Free---please do not bring any nuts to our classroom.
    4. All parents are asked to encourage their children to clean up and throw away their own trash, and put their placemats away.
    5. Please encourage your child to keep materials on the activity and art tables, and keep toys in the proper play areas. Most of the toys have specific labeled places where they belong.
    6. Parents are asked to put cellphones on “Learning Mode” (Vibrate) and are encouraged to limit their phone use so they can be present to their child and their learning.
    7. Parents may not videotape, record or take pictures of other adults and children during activity and art time, playground time and/or circle time.
    8. All diaper changes need to take place on the changing table in the bathroom. There can be no diaper changes allowed in the classroom.
    9. There are no make-up classes for absences or school holidays.
    10. Parents cannot bring an extra child to the classroom who is not registered in the class. Babies under 6 months may stay with their parent provided they are with the parent at all times. 
    11. Only the registered adult in our program may attend class with his/her child. The registered adult must have proof of their negative TB test in order to attend class.  If the other custodial parent plans to attend class, he/she must also have proof of negative TB test and must be co-registered with our Parent Education department.