• Directions for Google Slides

    Go to your own Google Drive

    1. To make a Google Slide:

    Click on the "New" button.

    Choose the yellow "Slides" button.

    2. Create a slide.  To add text, photo, video, etc., click on "Insert" and choose the item you want to insert.  For photos, you may click on images and then Google will provide images safe "for commercial reuse."  Be very careful about the Internet images you use.  Do not use images from everywhere on the Internet, all those are licensed!  If you use them without permission, you may be fined. Fines are very expensive.  Use the following websites only for your safety:

    Google slides  search




    3. Once you have made your slides, click on the blue "Share" button.  Share with your teacher and your partner/s.  You will need their email address.  My email address is pamelaweissbarr@gmail.com  Next click on the arrow by "can edit".  You decide if you want them to simply "view" (make no changes) or "edit" (make changes) or "comment" on the slide.  Choose one.  Click on the blue "Done" button.