Advanced ESL Communication Skills for Work, Education & Life

    For Intermediate High, or Advanced ESL Students & Professionals who are non-native English Speakers
    Teacher: Lisa Braley, M.A. TESOL with more than 10 years of experience in Marketing, & over 14 years of teaching ESL

    Who can attend? Intermediate High ESL, Advanced, & Professionals who are non-native English Speakers

    When: Fridays 8:30a-12:30p
    Where: Room 18, Fremont Adult School
    Timing: Each quarter is about 10 weeks. Because Fridays are also often used for Teacher Conferences and Trainings, the instructor may need to have a substitute one or more times during the quarter.
    Registration: You must come in-person to the Main or ESL Office at Fremont Adult School to register.  
    Focus Skills
    -Phrasal Verbs
    -Short Presentations
    -Short Writing

    Course Information

    Intensive study and practice for students who are working, or planning to use English at a workplace or ANY environment where they need to be perceived as a professional. [This course is not specifically for writing a resume, or cover letter, or preparing you for employment interview questions but some writing and speaking exercises may include work in this area.] 

    This English Communication course is designed to provide intermediate to advanced students of English as a Second Language with the language and personal skills to help them interact more effectively in a diverse professional setting. Sessions will generally focus on workplace topics and may include key grammar, vocabulary & phrases, idioms, pronunciation, and dialogue examples for situations which are commonly experienced at work or other life areas. Our class has also participated as volunteer campus guides for two Career and Community Resource Fairs at the Adult School. Students attending every class will receive a certificate for perfect attendance. 
    Because this class is not very big, our class is very special in that we work in groups every day and become more than just classmates.  We also become friends that help and support each other.  During break, we  tend to hang out together and have "watercooler" discussions. Students are encouraged to bring a small snack or drink to share with others during break time. Overall goals:  Increased confidence and using English more professionally 
    Pre-requisite: Recommend students should have at least an Intermediate High ESL language ability for listening, speaking, reading, and writing to enroll in this course.


    During this course, students will:

    • practice using professional English in a variety of circumstances especially through group learning
    • learn and use common vocabulary for everyday situations at work
    • improve communication skills for situations which regularly occur in business
    • use and discuss common idioms, vocabulary, business expressions and their collocations
    • take a pre and post test (CASAS Reading or Listening)

    This course should help you:

    • interact effectively in pairs and small groups to accomplish goals
    • communicate more professionally with people from a variety of cultures
    • learn systems to help you in improve your pronunciation and vocabulary acquisition confidence
    • make informal and semi-formal speaking reports
    For Advanced and Professional Students.  This can be a vocabulary and pronunciation refresher for you. As well, you will learn current business language and idioms and share experiences in a safe and friendly environment with many of your peers. A great class to upgrade your academic skills.
    For Intermediate Students.  Best for Intermediate High Students.  However, the work is usually given a week in advance in order for some students to be able to study ahead, if needed. You may learn from others who are at a different level English than you. You will learn a lot of new vocabulary and pronunciation tools. You may need to take the class more than once. A great class to improve your skills for college or training opportunities.
    Not recommended for Beginning Students.


    The course focuses mainly on oral and written communication skills, with reading as input for speaking activities. 

    The same books may be used or different books may be used depending on who attends the class. Some books we may be using for this class:

    Additional Books