• Anny Huang

    Hello, I teach Beginning High (Level 3) ESL in the mornings on Zoom. I also speak Mandarin, but not during class, sorry!

    Do not email me to ask about joining my Level 3 class; I cannot enroll students.

    If you would like to enroll in my class, please go to the FACE homepage and look for the "ESL Quarter Interest List" form on the left, in the blue column under "Important Links/Forms." If the form is closed, it means we are in the middle of the quarter, so you need to wait until next quarter.

    Thank you!


    Honey (German Shepherd)Honey 🍯
    (German Shepherd)

    Sorry if you hear her barking in class!


    2022 - 2023 Class Schedule 



     Room / Time

    How to Enroll

    Beginning High ESL
    (Level 3)

     vocabulary, grammar, listening,
     speaking, reading, and more
     Zoom / 9AM - 11AM
     Mon & Wed
     (see instructions above)

    Computer Basics
    to Intermediate Level

     see full syllabus here
     (NOT for level 1 & 2 ESL)
     11 / 12PM - 1:30PM
     Mon & Wed
     (see instructions above)

    for Beginners Only

     see full syllabus here
     (only three weeks / six classes)
     10 / 12PM - 1:30PM
     Tue & Thur
     (see instructions above)

    Distance Learning (Independent Study)

     Azar Grammar
     Burlington English
     Project Success
     online program
     study by yourself