Technology at Mission

Technology plays an important role in helping students become critical thinkers, productive learners and effective communicators.

Our vision is that every student will acquire the skills necessary to select and manage digital tools to meet problem-solving, research and communications objectives. They will also use these tools in powerful, ethical ways to further their understanding of the world in which they live, and they will be able to communicate their understanding to others. Graduating seniors will be fluent users of technology to support their own learning in any field and be capable of selecting and using new tools to help them solve problems. They will have a clear understanding of the influence of technology on their learning and society at large.

Our use of technology has several important goals:

  • to establish Mission as an innovative leader in the design, selection, and effective use of technology to support student learning
  • to assure that our faculty has appropriate and relevant technological resources to effectively use the tools that support student learning
  • to cultivate every students ability to make effective and powerful use of technological resources
  • to provide a platform for cultivating our relationships within our community and as global citizens
  • to assure that the school performs other necessary functions as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Technology Mission Statement
Teachers and students at Mission San Jose High School, use technology as an innovative tool to inspire and build 21st century skills. As a result, the Mission community embraces the integration of technology into the curriculum as a fundamental strategy for effectively preparing students for the challenges and opportunities of their unique generation.

At Mission San Jose High School, technology is a tool to aid teachers and students in their work and learning. As a result, technology is infused into the curriculum and the life of the Mission community. Teachers use technology to teach, manage their grades, and communicate both internally and externally. Students use technology as a tool of research, composition, creation, presentation, management, and communication. The technology department strives to provide technology that resides in the background of the classroom appearing invisible and working seamlessly for faculty, students, and staff.