MarqueeWelcome to Mission Valley Elementary, one of 28 elementary schools within the Fremont Unified School District. Located on the southeast side of San Francisco Bay in the beautiful city of Fremont we are between San Jose and Oakland in Alameda County. We are in close proximity to many universities and BART.

Our school population of approximately 650. We are proud of our rich ethnic diversity and vital, involved parental base; more than half of households have an adult whom has attended graduate school.

Mission Valley's API score places it in the upper echelon of all schools, and in 2014 we were honored to have been named a California Distinguished School.We are dedicated to preserving our uniqueness through providing sound lessons that inspire and inform.

I wanted to let you know that for 2016-2017 School Year the start time for of our 1st-3rd grade students will be 8:35. All other start and dismissal times will remain unchanged. As most of you are aware I am usually helping with morning traffic and student drop offs and I see too many students being dropped off late. I know that it can be challenging in the morning but making sure your student is here on time greatly helps them to be more successful. In fact, I believe that one of the greatest indicators of a student’s success is having an exemplary attendance record, so please make sure you do your part in getting them prepared for each day.
Just one more thing….make sure to take a few minutes and read the Mission Valley Parent Bulletins as there may be important information you need to know.
As always thanks for your support.
Denise Mapelli, Principal
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