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November 4, 2014 

Book Fair News

We have completed another very successful and fun MSJE Book Fair.  Our book fair was successful because of the time, effort, and creativity of many volunteers! A huge THANKS to our volunteer community; it takes a village to run a book fair!


Aarti Agarwal

Hetal Anjaria

Pallavi Sancheti

Sushma Yaramalla

Yuehong Fu

Anna Kwok

Ingrid Rendon

Priscilla Yau

Uma Shetty

Yvonne Chow

Annapurna S-K

Jasleen Sachdeva

Rashida Jivray

Usha Arikatla

Zahra Samji

Annie Thomas

Jessy Joseph Auston

Satish Ananthanarayana

Utsa  Ray Singh


Anshu Dube

Joanna Scafuto

Sha Li

Uttama Harish


Atul Thirumalai

Khanh Nguyen

Sheetal Bhora

Vani Iyer


Colleen Perez

Lay Lay Mar

Sneha Goenka

Vania F. Sartor


Connie Ma

Lisa Cheong

Srilatha Guduri

Vania Ferraro


Danielle Raha

Maheen Hamid

Subhashini Satish

Vrunda Mestry


Doaa El-Shaikh

Niharika Manduri

Suejin Park

Wendy Woo


Durba Sen

Nithya Krishna

Suparna Chopra

Yogapriya Kumaravel



If I have forgotten to list your name, please know that your help was truly appreciated!

In conjunction with the book fair we raised $143 for Scholastic’s All For Books program.  With these proceeds, I purchased 20 books, varying in age and reading level to be donated to Washington Hospital pediatric patients. The All For Books program is a great way for the kids to help others in their community.  Thanks to everyone who participated!

And last, but certainly not least, Mr. Graves will bravely take the Ice Bucket Challenge to reward the kids for making our book fair sales goal!  Good sport that he is, he will be taking the challenge three times – once for kindergarten, once for primary, and once for intermediate.  Thank you Mr. Graves! 

Mrs. Steinberg