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The end of another school year has arrived, but for me this one is different.  I am retiring and will be moving on to new experiences.  It has been a great pleasure for me to be the librarian at Mission San Jose for the last 9 years.  I will miss sharing with the children funny books, sad books, surprising and inspiring stories.  It won't be the same reading them by myself, but I have many endearing memories of working with kids and books.  This has been my most favorite job by far and I am so glad that I had the opportunity to do this work.
Thank you to everyone who helped me in so many ways: with bookfair, shelving books, covering books, making bookmarks, writing book reviews and sharing great ideas for books to purchase.  I couldn't have done this without all of the help I received from all of you.  Keep looking for those great books!
Mrs. Perez
656-1200 x33047