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2017 Spring Ohlone College Tour (4/10/17)
Tour Information and Registration Link are posted here. 
  • 30 spaces available.  
  • You may be placed on a waiting list.
  • Please have a plan who you will be driving with (ride sharing) before you register! 
  1. Tour Flyer: 2017 Spring Ohlone Tour Information
  2. Tour Registration Link: https://goo.gl/forms/e2ihHxBkTRETa3d73 (closed)
  3. Ohlone Maps: www.ohlone.edu/core/mapsdirs/maps/fremontcampus.html 
  4. Tour Presentation: Presentation Slides
  5. Photos:  See TeacherLisa Braley/Facebook or Lisa's ESL Classes (Photos/Albums)
College Tours - Yearly! 
  •  For FACE, NHAS, & (next tour maybe) Newark Adult Education Center (NAEC) Students:  Ohlone Community College Campus Tour.
    • STUDENTS - If you register for a tour and your plans change, PLEASE let your teacher/school know EARLY if you are NOT able to come. We will offer your space to another student.  THANK YOU! 
  • Current College Tour: Planning is beginning for Spring 2017. Week of April 24th.  Check back for more information. Ohlone College 43600 Mission Boulevard, Fremont, CA 94539.
  • Last Tour Location: Ohlone College 43600 Mission Boulevard, Fremont, CA 94539.


Description of Tours: Students drive or rideshare with classmates & WE plan the tour
Have you ever walked around a California College Campus? Peer Mentor Student Tour Guides are often International and/or bilingual students. We get to hear about their experiences and ask questions. Sometimes we visit both the Newark and Fremont Campuses. The Ohlone College Fremont Campus has changed a lot since we started the tours. It’s great to see the construction progress each tour. The views from the hill are beautiful and clear -- sometimes we can see across to the Santa Cruz Mountains.  If we are lucky, we ALSO get to visit or interact with a College ESL Class and talk to real students. Often we see former FACE students. Visualize your dreams.  Visit a college campus soon.
Since 2013, Fremont Adult School has organized one or two Ohlone College tours each year for ALL students to attend, regardless of program. Please check back for current information.  Our sixth (7th) tour will take place in Spring of 2017.  

Four of these tours have been organized through AB85 and South Alameda County Consortium (SACC) relationship-building efforts. These 4 tours have been a collaboration among Ohlone College (www.ohlone.edu), New Haven Adult School (NHAS) (adsweb.nhusd.k12.ca.us), and Fremont Adult & Continuing Education (FACE) (www.face.edurepresentatives made possible through the dedication of amazing education professionals.  Info for Newark Adult Education Center (NAEC) [MacGregor Alternative Education] (http://macgregor-nusd-ca.schoolloop.com/cms/page_view?d=x&piid=&vpid=1246162179784)

Sample Tour Schedule 1
8:45 - 9am Meet, Drive & Park @ Ohlone Newark Campus
9:45 Tour Begins 
10:30 Class Visit/Interaction
11:30 Career Center Presentation & Visit 
12:30pm Tour Ends
Sample Tour Schedule 2
8:45 - 9am Meet, Drive & Park @ Ohlone Fremont Campus
9:45 Tour Begins 
11:00 Presentations from Placement, Counseling, & Financial Aid
12:00 Class Visit/Interaction
1:00pm Tour Ends
Why visit Ohlone College [or any college]? There are many reasons…
  1. You need to plan ahead for college: 6 months to 1 year minimum is best, even 2 years ahead is good. 
  2. Visiting a college or university campus can help you visualize your goals!
  3. Parents should familiarize themselves on behalf of their High School children.
  4. Colleges are a vital community center There are many sports, arts & entertainment activities that regularly occur there. You may have to go there at some point.  Good idea to know your way around.
  5. Ohlone college Fremont campus is a hiking trailhead for a less strenuous route to Mission Peak.
  6. From the Fremont campus there are beautiful views of the whole bay area and there is a pretty duck pond near the cafeteria where we always enjoy taking photos and relaxing for a few moments.
  7. From the Newark campus enjoy a butterfly garden and a view across the Bay wetland marshes to the hangars at Moffet Field.
  8. There used to be a super flea market in Fremont for the past 28 years.  With community support it could open again in 2018.

Ohlone has two campuses :
Ohlone Campus - Fremont (OC-F) 43600 Mission Blvd, Fremont, CA 94539
Ohlone Campus - Newark (OC-N) 39399 Cherry St. Newark, CA 94560 
Past Tour Dates and Information

7. Spring 2017 (Planning phase) Tour Ohlone Fremont Campus (OC-F)
 6. Fall 10/18/2016 Tour Ohlone Fremont Campus (OC-F)
 5. Spring 3/16/2016 Tour Ohlone Newark Campus (OC-N)
 4. Fall 12/1/2015 Ohlone Fremont Campus (OC-F)
 3. Spring 3/31/2015 Ohlone Fremont & Newark Campuses (OC-F & OC-N)
2. Fall 2014 Ohlone Fremont Campus Tour (OC-F)
1. Fall 2013 Ohlone Fremont Campus Tour (OC-F)