Brookvale Elementary School puts children first and provides students with the skills necessary to become productive lifelong learners.

Additional Minimum days for 2015-2016 School year:
August 27, August 28, Oct. 30, Nov. 16, Nov. 17,  Nov. 19, Nov. 20, Feb. 12, Mar. 24, June 6, June 7
Please note that EVERY Wednesday at Brookvale is a minimum day for students in grades 1-6.  
Kindergarten students will have special early days throughout the school year in which ALL Kindergarten students will come to the AM session.  Kindergarten parents will be notified of those early days at least 30 days in advance.  
Brookvale is a school of approximately 700 students (TK-6) with a teaching and support staff of 45 dedicated individuals who commit to ongoing education.  Our feeder junior high school is Thornton Junior High School with our feeder High School being American High School.
Brookvale is proud of its API Score of 905 and our school will continue to strive for academic excellence with the new Common Core State Standards.  Brookvale's mascot is the Bronco and our school colors are Navy Blue and White. 


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