Principal's Message

Principal's Good-Bye Message
June 6, 2014
Hello Parents,
     It is a bittersweet time for me as I say good-bye to your beautiful children that I have known for the past eight years.  I am storing up all the hugs that I get from them and will use those hugs to remind me of being part of the wonderful Parkmont Community. 
   Our teachers are amazing in their creativity, love of teaching and their ability to inspire children to become life-long learners.  Parkmont is blessed with a wonderful support staff with the secretaries, librarian, custodians, and lunch-duty supervisors.  It takes all of Parkmont employees to work together to keep the school running. 
    It has been a privilege to work with so many amazing and caring parents here at Parkmont.  My life is richer for knowing all of you. Thank you for all you do for the school and for all you have given me in your trust and friendship.
     I know it is time for me to “graduate” to the next phase of my life.  My husband and I have a few trips planned which includes going to Alaska in August. 
     Thank you for allowing me to be the Principal of Parkmont Elementary School
-Principal, Mrs. Schmidt

Message from Upcoming Principal

Hello Parents,
As you likely know, I was honored to be selected as the new principal for Parkmont for next year.  I just wanted to reach out and let each of you know how privileged I feel to have been selected to lead such an outstanding school.  I am looking forward to getting to know all of you and to working together to keep Parkmont moving forward in a positive direction, serving the students of our community.  
As you are likely wondering who I am, here's the scoop. I have been in the district for fourteen years.  I started at Hopkins Junior High School in 2000 as an 8th grade history teacher but after my first year, the district restructured the boundaries and I lost my position.  I ended up at Centerville as a Spanish teacher and I did that for another five years.  At that point, I moved into school counseling.  I was a transition counselor between Washington and Centerville for one year and then as a full time counselor at Centerville for another three years.  In 2010, I was appointed as the vice principal (the title has now been changed to assistant principal) at Hopkins.  So, I was nine years in the Parkmont attendance area and I am looking forward to returning after a four year hiatus.
I have learned a lot through these various positions and feel ready for the new challenge of leading a school.  Although good teaching and learning apply to all levels and I know the foundation students need to have to be successful at the junior high level, I have much to learn as I move into the position at Parkmont, especially given the transition to Common Core and the New Generation Science Standards.
On a more personal note, I have been married to my wife, April, for 19 years and we have six children.  We have three boys and three girls.  Our oldest daughter, Haleigh, is a sophomore in high school. Our second oldest, Caleb, is in the 8th grade.  Elise is a 6th grader.  Maryn is in the 2nd grade and Joshua is in kindergarten.  Our youngest child, Levi, will turn 4 this month.  So, I can say that I know from a parent's perspective what elementary school is like and I am grateful for the hard work that elementary teachers do for my own children every day. 
In closing, I know and understand that trust is earned and I pledge to work hard next year to gain your trust.  I know that many of you have been in this community for many years and I sincerely hope you will believe that your opinions and viewpoints are valued and welcomed by me.  Please do not hesitate to reach out and share what you hope to see happen at Parkmont next year.

-Upcoming Principal, Kade Petersen


News from Mrs. Dotson

Mr. and Mrs. Dotson have been in Chicago at a cancer clinic for four weeks.  They called this week to wish me a happy retirement and to give me a report on Mrs. Dotson.    Mr. Dotson said Ms. Dotson is walking better and working on not dragging her foot. She receives speech therapy and physical therapy. Ms. Dotson is getting chemo, radiation, gene therapy and vitamins, and does not have headaches or nausea. Mrs. Dotson sounded good and could communicate with help from Mr. Dotson to find the correct words. They are both happy and full of hope. They will be home in Fremont by the end of June.  They said they feel all the love and prayers they receive from Parkmont Community. 

-Principal, Mrs. Schmidt

May 9, 2014
Dear Parkmont Families,
          As many of you are aware, our kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Dotson, has been diagnosed with brain cancer. In late March she underwent an operation to extract the tumor. However, doctors were not able to remove the entire mass. She and her family left last week for treatment in Chicago.
         Mrs. Dotson and her family would like to thank all the Parkmont families for their love and support during this difficult time. If you would like to make a donation to offset their travel and medical expenses, please go to
         If you would like to be kept updated on her progress or would like to send her a message, you can follow her on .
Parkmont Staff                    


If your student has required medication or health services at school this year, all medication and medical supplies must be picked up from the school office on the last day of school!  Medications must be picked up by a parent or guardian unless your student is authorized (current contract on file) to self-carry his/her medication.
If your student is attending summer school the medication (to include the Dr’s order) must be picked up the last day of school. Then it needs to be taken to the summer school site on the first day of summer school by the parent. Please make sure that the medication doesn't expire prior to July 31, 2014.
The last day of summer school the student’s medication must be picked up by the parent from the summer school site.




  • Effective July 1, 2013, the Office of Pupil Services will be officially known as the Office of Student Support Services (SSS). The SSS will include the Language Assessment Center (LAC) and School Nurses, as well as the new Centralized Enrollment Center (CEC). Due to these changes, the enrollment process for new Transitional Kindergarten (TK) – 6th grade students will be conducted in the new Centralized Enrollment Center effective July 8, 2013. Therefore, elementary school enrollment will end on Friday, June 14, 2013 and elementary schools will no longer enroll new students for the 2013/14 school.   For further information, please call (510) 657-2350 after June 17, 2013 and ask for the Centralized Enrollment Center.

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