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Mission Valley is Green!
Our monthly Parent Bulletins are no longer being sent home with students. They will be emailed to all parents. You can also check this website for updated information. 
Here is our latest Parent Bulletin: May/June 2015
You can access past newsletters on this site under "News". In our News section, you will also find a version of the newsletter that can be translated by the website into many languages. Monthly newsletters are also posted on the bulletin board outside the office and hard copies are available on the rack in the office.
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Medications at School

If your child has medication at school, you must pick up the medication by 3:30pm on June 12. Any medication left at school after this date will be discarded. Only parents can pick up the medication.


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Message from FUSD regarding Report Cards 
Dear Parents/Guardians,
The Fremont Unified School District has been moving toward full implementation of the Common Core State Standards in all of our schools. Our teachers have dedicated significant time and effort adapting their instruction and assessment of students using these new standards and they are doing amazing work!
With the intention of having an elementary report card that more closely reflects student mastery of the Common Core State Standards, the district developed a new report card this year. We also allowed sites to individually opt in or out of the new rubric-based grading scale for 2014-15.
Simply put, we tried to do too much at once without enough lead time, feedback from parents, staff, and students, and long-range planning. Though our intentions were in earnest, sometimes it’s necessary to self-assess and decide whether to stay on course or take a detour.
What does this mean for you and your children?
• For the remainder of the 2014-15 school year, the grading system and report cards will not change. The final report card you receive will be exactly like the previous two trimesters.
• For 2015-16, the elementary report card district-wide and at all grade levels will be letter grade-based (S/N in grades TK-K; O/ S/N in grades 1-3; and A-F in grades 4-6).
• The Assessment & Accountability department will create a report card task force next year to study elementary report cards and look for ways to improve the report card.
• Even as the report cards themselves will have letter grades only, teachers are encouraged to use a variety of assessments, including rubrics, in their day to day assessment of students.
Thank you for your commitment to our schools. If you have any interest in participating on the report card task force in 2015-16, please let your principal know.
Kim Wallace
Assistant Superintendent of Instruction
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Message from FUSD regarding the First Day of School
August 26th is the first day of the 2015-16 school year. The Fremont Unified Board of Education has approved a change in the policy regarding attendance on the first day of school:
Students must be in class the first school day, except for those students who are ill.  If the student is not in class the first day of school, s/he may be transferred to another school effective the second day of school if classrooms at the school of original enrollment are filled.(BP/AR 5113.1)
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  Volunteers Needed to Serve on the Local Control and Accountability Advisory Committee

As a requirement of the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) and Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP), the District must form a LCAP District Advisory Committee. As stakeholders, the Advisory Committee’s responsibility is to advise and give input into the District's Local Control and Accountability Plan regarding priorities and resources from the Local Control Funding Formula. 

The members of the Local Control and Accountability Advisory Committee will serve a two-year term beginning in August 2015 and ending in June 2017. Applicants may not be an employee or member of the immediate family of a FUSD employee or Board Member. The membership of the Committee should reflect the diversity of the community and the student body, and have an interest in services and programs that support foster youth, English learners, and low-income students.  The Governing Board will select up to eight (8) parent/community members and two (2) high school students to serve on its Local Control and Accountability Advisory Committee. The members of the Advisory Committee will be selected from those who apply for the position by filling out an application and submitting it to the Superintendent by the due date. All applications must be submitted in writing or by email by 5:00 p.m., Friday, May 8, 2015 to:

Office of the Superintendent

Fremont Unified School District

4210 Technology Dr.

Fremont, CA 94538

Or sent via email to


For more information and to access the application, please visit the district’s website at:




地方管制資金公式」(Local  Control Funding Formula,簡稱LCFF)和「地方管制和責計劃」( Local Control and Accountability Plan,簡稱LCAP)要求學區必須成立一個LCAP學區咨詢委員會。做為利益相關人,此咨詢委員會的責任是對學區的地方管制和問責計劃,在地方管制資金公式的優先順序和資源上提供忠告和意見。


「地方管制和問責咨詢委員會」成員的任期由 2015 年 8 月起至 2017 年 6 月止為期二年。 Fremont 聯合學區的雇員或其直系親屬,和教育委員之直系親屬均不可參選。委員會的成 員組合應該反映社區和學生群體的多元性,並關心對領養孩童,英語學習者和低收入學生 的服務和方案。理事會將尋求多達八位家長/社區人士和二位高中生到地方管制和問責咨 詢委員會服務。咨詢委員會的成員將從申請人中挑選。各申請人須在期限前填妥表格, 遞交學區總監。所有書面或電郵申請表都必須在 2015 5 8 日星期五下午 5 點前送到:

Office of the Superintendent

Fremont Unified School District

4210 Technology Dr. Fremont, CA 94538




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 Proposed Core Novels for Grades 7-12
The FREMONT UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT announces a list of proposed core novels for use in literature courses in grades 7-12 for the 2015-16 school year. These books are available for review by the public in the district's Curriculum and Instruction office before becoming a part of the curriculum. Please take the time to review the video and comment on the padlet link.
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2015-16 Enrollment Information
 Enrollment for children with siblings in grades TK-5 at Mission Valley:
Priority registration begins on January 7. Packets will be available in the office to pick up from January 7 - 14. At the time of packet pick up, you will be given an appointment to come back to the office and enroll your child.  Sibling priority enrollment appointments will take place until January 21.
Enrollment for new students (students without siblings in TK-5 at Mission Valley or siblings who missed the priority period):
Online enrollment begins on February 3. Enrollment during this period is done through the district office.
Enrollment questions?
You can also visit the district's enrollment webpage for more information by clicking here: 
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 A Few Important Contacts...
Main Phone Number: 510-656-2000

Fax Number: 510-226-7056

Attendance Line:
(510) 656-2000 ext. 34175
Principal: Mike Pappas

Secretary: Cara Madden-Watson   
(510) 656-2000 ext. 34174
Attendance Clerk: Chris Richardson
(510) 656-2000 ext. 34173
Lunch Account Information: Cecelia Sjah 
(510) 656-2000 ext. 34182
Understanding your Student's Score
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    The speed limit on school grounds (in our driveway and in the parking lot) is 5 miles per hour. The speed limit on our surrounding residential streets is 25 miles per hour. Please remember to observe these speed limits when you are driving your children to and from school.
    Remember also that areas in front of cones and red curbs are NO PARKING ZONES. Please find a legal place to park that does not block staff and handicap access to the parking lot.
    We appreciate your continued commitment to safe driving. We want to make sure that our community is a safe place for our Mission Valley students and neighbors.
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  • LOST and FOUND:
    Lost and found items can be found on the rack behind the school office.
    Lost and found items will be donated at the end of each month - please be sure to check for lost items on a regular basis.
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  • Regular School Hours are as follows:

    Early Kindergarten               8:30 – 11:50 
    Late Kindergarten              10:10    1:30

    Grades 1 – 3         8:30 to 2:50

    Grades 4 – 6         8:20 to 2:50 

    Dismissal is at 1:10 pm EVERY Wednesday for Grades 1 thru 6


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