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Preparing Students to Excel

mustang Steven Millard Elementary School is located in Fremont, CA and is one of 41 schools in Fremont Unified School District. It is a public school that serves 588 students in grades K-6. Millard Elementary staff, students, and parents are committed to preparing all students to excel socially, emotionally, and academically. The entire staff is proud of the achievements of our diverse population. Based on our spring 2012 scores, we have once again achieved a school-wide Academic Performance Index (API) of 890 Our staff works as a cohesive and committed team to ensure high academic achievement and excellent behavior. We have a very active parent community and invite all of our parents to become involved with us in their children's success.
Principal's Message

Dear Millard Families & Friends, 

   Last Monday was a holiday set aside to remember a charismatic visionary who fought for civil rights and equal rights for African Americans, which eventually benefited all.  Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s life is a shining example of how one person can make such a significant difference in the lives of so many Americans for generations to come.  His “I Have A Dream” speech has been immortalized as one of the pillars of the civil rights movement.  Many of the rights we now enjoy have been fought for and won by such leaders as Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall and many others.  It is only fitting that we celebrate his accomplishments on this very special day.

   As you know, this week was our Millard Science Fair.  Our student scientists have been hard at work creating hypotheses and conducting experiments.  We had a great turnout of projects from our primary grades, and our intermediate students really stepped it up with some terrific and creative experiments.  I learn a lot by reviewing the student’s final conclusions and discoveries.  Our classes got an opportunity to view the fair on Tuesday, and the judging took place on Wednesday.  Millard will award 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place ribbons in each grade level, and then all 1st place winners will have their projects go on to the District Science Fair, which will be held at Centerville Junior High School, 37720 Fremont Blvd. on Saturday, February 7 from 1:00 – 3:30pm.   Thank you all for the help and support you have provided at home.

   I also want to take this time to commend our science teacher, Mrs. Devi.  She has done an excellent job of teaching our students the scientific method, and it shows in their projects.


Karen Robertson